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Welcome to your new website!

Hello everybody, welcome to our guild website. We wish you a great time in Sacred Brotherhood, and we will try to make everthing nice and fun for you. Currently, we are looking for a good Shaiya Private server, so we can create our guild there and lots of fun! If you have any questions, you can always contact us.

Of course, we have officers, here comes a list of our faithfull officers:
- Nyla
- Korvex
- Hidan
We ask you to respect our officers, and they will have respect for you.

We have our contacts always ready for you, so you if you need it, you can ask us the questions and we will try to answer!
These are our skype contacts:
Korvex: ponyss123
Nyla: lucka996
Hidan: phantomstar2.0
Neo: joost.adams1

Have fun in our great and wonderfull guild: Sacred Brotherhood!

Neo (your guild leader)
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